Guitar Music Without Harmony- Less Is More?

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If you are a guitarist or a guitar aficionado you probably can find lots of guitar music sheets on the web BUT the ultimate goal of a guitarist/musician is to create his own private and unique pieces improvised or written in notes or tabs.

Because of the purpose of the music, in my opinion, is to transmit oneself via the music as a listener or a player with his or other’s music, that fits his mind and soal the best way.

Another purpose for composing this “relaxing music” is to convey an idea, mood without too much in my disposal as the famous phrase ” less is more”. I guess that in guitar improvisation it makes you focus more on phrasing and music articulation without concern much about guitar technique.

Nevertheless, the guitar is a harmony instrument, unlike the flute for example, so when you pluck a string it vibrates and the other strings correspond in resonating which actually DOES create harmony. This is a by-product acoustic harmony and not deliberate chords progression.

I made this guitar recording using Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser and if you listen carfually you can hear the birdsong outside my window. I think it fits well ;-

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