“Be The guitarist You Wish to hear”

Who should you thank for playing the guitar?
Is this the girl you fell in love with so you started learning guitar to play her the song she loved?
Is it your relative who insisted on buying you a musical instrument? 

Or else…?

You have your own private guitar story. The circumstances in which you began to play. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes just by accident. In any case, it’s now a part of your life.

I made this blog as a sincere praise and recognition to your guitar journey with stories behind guitarists as they tell it, and with the best guitar information, education, knowledge and inspiration, so you will have a better life with the guitar in your hands. 

Roy Zakai

Roy Zakai is a guitarist, full time student of life and admire of the guitarists spirit. After years of performing and teaching, contemplating and practicing, with and without instrument in hands, he shares his and others guitarists knowledge to inspire your musical world and make you a better guitar player. Currently living in Israel with Inbal and their sons Rimon and Neta.