An Interview With Guitarist Eran Har Even

In this blog, you are going to meet many guitar heroes that I believe you should know and that can introduce you to new music you will enjoy from.

I took advantage of my short tour with my group ‘Ancient Groove’ in Holland to meet Eran Har-Even, an Israeli guitarist who has lived there for 12 years.

I was interested in getting to know him personally when I was introduced to his music through a mutual friend and also to understand a bit more about the jazz guitar scene in the Netherlands.

It was one of the most turbulent and cold days in the Netherlands and the hours I spent with him were pleasant and warm 😉

The meeting with him led me to rethink the guitar culture and the guitarmania that many of us have.

The same love for this instrument that shapes our lives, as in the case of Eran, the Israeli who found his place and his life partner in the Netherlands. And it’s all because of the guitar.

In our conversation, I plunged into the head of this talented guitarist to understand his mindset as a guitarist, musician, and human being.

We touched Interesting topics such as: is there such a thing as ‘Dutch Groove’ the correlation between evolving as a person to evolving as a musician and what interests him when he is listening to a musician and guitarist in particular.

Eran is one of the most prominent jazz musicians in Holland and since 2009 teaches in the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Alongside his teaching career, he frequently performs at festivals and venues throughout Europe. So far he has released three albums with his ensembles, and you can get to know him more at his website