Best Guitarists In The World That You don’t Find In Guitar Magazines

Have you wondered why most of the names on the BEST GUITARISTS lists are from certain countries?
Popular musical genres?

Is a guitar player who was in the right place at the right time entered this list because of circumstances
that played for his benefit and less because of his music?
And who determines the names on these lists? What is the background of these people?

As someone who likes to watch athletics competitions, I’ve always wondered how much more likely to find someone out in there on the globe that is better than the athlete standing on the podium.

What chances are you likely to find in a remote African tribe, a guy running faster than Usain Bolt,
or at least faster than eighth place in the 100m world championship?

And What is “best” anyway?

Why do you need to know this alternative “best guitarist list”?

This realization stimulated me to create this best alternative guitarists list,
which I will probably update frequently.

You see, it’s funny but only one guitarist who is on the list of the “best guitarists in the world”
was part of my daily life – Slash.

The second guitarist that thanks to him I play guitar is Julian Bream. Did you hear about that name?
If not, you will know that he is the most influential classical guitarist in the mid-20th century.

I remember how at the age of 13 I watched him on TV traveling Spain, telling ( and playing!)
the history of the guitar.

I was blown away.

I didn’t imagine that a guitar could sound that way.
It was a trauma for me. A Good one 🙂

You will find inspiration from the guitarists I mention here.
I believe that the more guitar artists you know the more you will know yourself as a guitarist,
professional or amateur.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.