This is Ambient Guitar Music That Goes Nowhere ( 11 Strings Guitar )


Is ambient guitar music really counts as an artistic achievement? Even if a cat was going on this 11 strings guitar, you’d hear something beautiful coming out of it…

Now seriously, it depends on who you are asking or what are you feel like listen to in a particular moment. For example, youtube is full of meditation music, relaxing music, sleep music, new age music, music for stress relief, peaceful music and I could go on and on with that list which people are really typing in the search bar.

Look for the channel ‘yellow brick cinema’ to understand more about that music niche.

The Two Types Of Guitar Music Lovers

For those music lovers, this kind of instrumental music has a FUNCTION which is, to transform the situation in which they are them from point A to point B. Music that is based on atmosphere and puts the listener into a different state of mind.

For other, it might not count as a “valid” artistic achievement, and maybe it’s boring music because there is no musical subject matter, no storytelling with notes that are arranged in a way that can gradually present to you more layers of thematic musical material.

Now, in the ” how to write guitar music” world it can be tricky because it’s effortless for a guitarist to fall into the trap of playing some ambient chords and to feel like he wrote a composition?


What I Think As A Guitarist

I think that it comes down to what is the GUITARIST INTENT. If he belongs to the first group of music lovers, or just making his living out of writing royalty free stock music it can work well for him.

BUT, If he belongs to the second group of music lovers and making this ambient guitar music, he is probably doing it for strange reasons. In this case, this is a race for the bottom…

Last Note 😉

I made this video with my multi nylon string guitar, also sometimes called alto guitar and is actually a lute in the shape of a modern classical guitar with additional strings.

I left the video cuts so you can see how I assembled some guitar improvisation into a music sequence that might be pleasant to the ears of some people.

Record it with the zoom h4n which works just fine for some of my youtube video.

I’d love to know what do you think about that subject and feel free to SUBSCRIBE to that Youtube Channel for more acoustic, organic and delicious guitar related stuff.