Hi, Thank you for visiting my website.
The music you can listen to here is where the Spanish guitar meets the Middle East.
Where the East meets the West. At the same time, sometimes you will only hear one of the poles and this duality represents my life:
I was born in Nahariya, a small city located on the seafront in Israel, a 10-minute drive from the border with Lebanon.

In my childhood home, there were mostly sounds of Mediterranean music. Escapism for me was playing Bach on guitar.
Later in life, I studied for a bachelor’s degree in musicology and performed in my own country and Europe with projects I set up that integrate my musical worlds.
 I’m a full time student of life and admire of the guitarists spirit.
After years of performing and teaching, contemplating and practicing, with and without instrument in hands I invite you to ride with me in this exotic musical journey.

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